Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Autumn is time for handicrafts - Naalbinding

Last year I finally learned how to do Naalbinding/Needlebinding - an old scandinavian handicraft.
I wanted to learn this for a few years now since I'm really interested in the viking age and everything related to it.
My friend Lena had this lovely needle made for me at one of the markets we visited last year. Our friend Harald der Knoppmecher made it from a piece of pear-wood :) I optained a second needle from him earlier this year. Smaller and with a lovely structure!

The first project I made to learn how to do it was a pair of pulse warmers~ then I tried a hat which turned out waaay to big. The second hat I made was for our friends 1,5yrs old babygirl and fitted just perfect. Her mum told me she's loving the soft hat made from green fluffy wool [heart] 
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of it x_x Here's some of the giant ball of wool and midst production ;)

Still got a lot from that wool, also blue colored~ :D

I made an Alpaca loop-scarf for my mum (last years yule present) and am currently working on more pulsewarmers for me (yes I like those). Next project: Socks :)

Loop scarf for my mum

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Solstice weekend feasting

My hun turned 30 this weekend and together with the summer solstice we spend two lovely days with friends and family and lot's of food!

I would have loved to have a fire outside for the solstice but we we're so exhausted and it was raining~ so I decided to light some candles instead and spend the night relaxing and pondering on the sofa. Small offerings were made in the morning though :)

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

Historische Stadtrechtsfeier Gelnhausen or: Another medieval market

Every 5 years the beautiful city of Gelnhausen is holding a big medieval 3-day event. 
The historical core of the city is very pretty and during the event flooded with merchants and people showing old handicrafts and stuff. It really is a beautiful setting!

Sadly, this time they had no knights turney, which they had at the past two events 2010 and 2005~ but it was pretty as always. And again I took just a few pictures with my mobile cam since I again forgot my camera -.-

Oh and of couse here is our small treasure haul ;)

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Adventures on horseback

Six hours in the saddle! Gods~ it has been a long time since I last rode a horse that long...  but it was totally worth the pain and the enormous sunburn I got :3

We started on Thorsday 4th at 9:30 in the morning with 11 riders and travelled about 15km to Krombach were a Sternritt - a kind of smaller trail ride were lot's of riders from more or less around the area gather. Often horse blessings are held, food and drinks are served and sometimes clinics held etc. - took place.

We had some food and sat together for a while before riding back home.
The way home was really hard! It was freaking warm, the sun was burning without mercy and my butt hurt like hell XD I do have a horrible muscle ache and my walk the day after should make John Wayne proud! I'm pretty sure Urmel and I slept well that night! Love the stubborn pony [heart]

Also the sun was burning intensely that day and I got the sunburn of my lifetime D:
I'm pretty sure there'll be a  lot of skin coming off... yuck...

THAT,  my dear readers, is what happen if you are such a pale ghoul like me and don't manage to use suncream properly for once... -.- The photo was taken today~ 6 days after I got the burn!


Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015


Traditionally we celebrate Beltane most of the time at Ronneburg castle. Every year they have a big medieval market with fires and fire based acts and incredible fireworks.
A few years ago they had quite a few acts including Fangdorn the dragon but is got less every year. Liudon Incorruptus was playing (as they are on nearly every market at Ronneburg castle for a few years now... I really like them but changing musicians regularly would be appreciated...)
We have been really suprised by the mass of people who celebrated since it was kind of rainy the whole day but the event was really crowded I would say :)

Nonetheless it was a great night (although I wasn't feeling that well~)!!! 
This years fire act were Firedancer whom are a absolutely stunning local group. Sadly I didn't manage to take some proper pictures due to our standing position.

I hope you all had a blessed May night!

Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Stormy spring market

Spring is here and with it comes the annual Spring Market at Ronneburg castle!
Despite the rainy weather we had a great time there! It was much better visited then I expected due to the weather and I was happy to see so many kids there playing and having fun. The phrase "There's no bad weather, only bad clothing" seems to apply to more people again. 

We had some tasty food, as it always is provided at the markets, and Apple-Mead from our favourite tavern :) We also had a great time with friends and looking at all the pretty treasures and wares that where for sale adn talked a lot to friends. We also bought a few treasures for ourselfes of couse!

[dried fruits, handmade candy, pumpkin-coconut marmelade, a wooden hammer for the wall, handspun wool and a new Naalbinding needle, silver earrings, a pretty amber necklace with silver leaves and a stone necklace... BIG LOOT]

Samstag, 28. März 2015

Paganfest 2015 - Donars Donuts

Paganfest with Turisas!? Hel-yeah ;) 

Thorsdays Paganfest was awesome~ I had so much fun with my friends!
It was so great to party again! I'm so tired most of the time atm and haven't been out for a while now except for dinner and drinks.

We went to the Batschkapp right after work and so I sadly missed most of Frosttide because they where already playing when we arrived :/ Obscurity was pretty cool too, didn't know them before.
Heidevolk was really great -DONUT! \m/- and best of all was Turisas. The new stage deco was kind of impressive and the whole atmosphere was awesome! I had a lot of fun -and like to tell myself I had some eyecontact with Jussi XD-!

I have to admit I'd have liked Turisas to be the headliner and not Wintersun and I'm not the only one who thought so. Wintersun was ok yes but the atmosphere wasn't the same and Turisas was so much more fun! So thank you Turisas!

Thank you for that great evening Paganfest and thank you friends and other crazy ppl<3 p="">