Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Eisheilige Nacht

 This year we celebrated Jul at Subway to Sally's Eisheilige Nacht in Gießen :)
Besides Subway to Sally themself there was a lovely line up! :D
Lord of the Lost, Lordi and Korpiklaani!
Since I had to work that day we sadly missed the first band Lord of the Lost but made it direktly to Lordi. It was cool to see them live with all the costumes and stuff. Was lot's of fun!
The venue was soooo packed! It took place in the same venue as the Heidenfest did but in a different hall. When we came in we had to stop short directly behind the door but managed to make it up to the 3rd or 4th row for Korpiklaani and Subway to Sally.

Korpiklaani was so much fun! All the concerts were so awesome! Yes it was packed and yes some people were annoying but the overall experience was great! Watching the mosh pit made me happy as always~ and during Subways gig it was snowing some foamy fake-snow stuff :)
I also caught a Drumstick from them in the end :)

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013


I went to see Amon Amarth  in Wiesbaden together with my dear BelleObscurite .  It really was an awesome show! The first band was Hell followed by Carcass (including guitarist hairporn!!!).
Amon Amarth themself were reeeeaaally awesome!!! My neck hurts like hell and I never had so much fun in a regular mosh pit :) The boys kept an eye on the girls and everyone just had lots of fun!!! My neck hurt like hell and I got some bruises but it was a bloody awesome show~ more more more!

 look at this hairporn *_*

The Merch-guy was really cool and flirty ;) !We had a nice talk and he gave me the set list *_* 

It was so nice to finally go out with Belle again. Due to lots of stuff we didn't do very much together for a while now and I really missed it. So more of that too!!! :D

And in other news: My troll boy is such a lovely insane awesome piece of a man! D:
He bought me a Star Wars christmas calendar and games on Steam wich we can play together... Q__Q oijdfgoifjog

Montag, 18. November 2013

Lite lite svenska!

This weekend I had a tiny Swedish class :)
It really was a lot of fun and I would like to continue learning Swedish and I hope I will next year. I'm just not sure if I should take the Swedish Class that's parallel to the Finish class wich I will start in February. I know from my time in school that I'm rather lazy when it comes to learning stuff~ but I learn those languages from my own free will~ wich means they are fun and I want to learn them. So maybe I would manage to get along o.o !? But on the other hand: I guess Finish will be a lot more difficult than Swedish...
Ahhh I just don't know x__x

But I'd love to learn both languages!!! Hrm!

Speaking of Finnland! PERKELE!
The lovely Mako Chan and myself will attend the Lolita Convention and Teaparty in February 2014 in Helsinki! This will be an awesome trip :D
We both wanted to visit Finnland for pretty metal boys, trolls and metal many reasons! I myself love the landscape and the country itself and love to learn the language and finally want to taste those famous blood pancakes the pretty Iira told me about. Also it's kind of the metal land! Some of my favourite bands are from Finnland~ like Finntroll, Turisas, Korpiklaani and Ensiferum :)
It will be awesome! And fucking cold! :D But hey~ IT'S COLD IN FINLAND!!!!

Freitag, 8. November 2013


Finally there's a trailer for the short film we shooted  in July~ enjoy! :)
If you find me in the trailer shall be rewarded with a cookie! But it's only a second~ since my part is more or less a secred to be revealed in the film itself :)

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Trinken Troll!

I spent the Halloween evening in the lovely decorated Final Destination Club  with all my lovelies! Sadly we totally forgot to take a group shot Q___Q But it was sooo awesome! Lovely drinks and awesome music~ Caught myself a handsome troll boy :)

What a lovely and chaotic night it was! Thank you everyone for making it so awesome!

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Paaah~ rain... who cares! We're vikings!

We went to the autumn market at Ronneburg  again this weekend :) On Saturday it rained all day... but as the true vikings we are we went there anyways to drink warm mead with some fellow celts we met there.
Jumped around in the mud pits with some little kids... their parents were surely really really happy XD
There really weren't that much people since the it was raining really strong. We had our fun anyway and much time to talk to all our friends at the stands!

On Sunday the weather was much better. 
There were much more visitors and we had a lovely time with our friends of the guards and market stands again! Lenas drinking horn seemed to refill itself everytime it was empty ;) 

We got our names etched into our drinking horns (haha yay) and I bought a lovely amulet showing the Midgard Serpent.

Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

I'm on vacation~


I had riding lessons in a new stable on Wednesday wich I really enjoyed and wich is a bit nearer to my place than the one I'm currently at~ so I may change stables as soon as I took my remaining... already payd... lessons at the old one. I drove over to my grandma from there to celebrate her birthday and stayed over night. Used the opportunity to take a nice long bath (I only have a shower at my place) and went on a walk in my beloved forest the next day. Also found some tasty mushrooms wich my grandpa and me so loved to eat together. I cooked them as we used to and dedicated the dinner to him :)

That's something I really miss here in Ronneburg... we don't have any proper forest here. It's no forest if it only takes 30mins to go from one end to the other!!!

And in other news: I bought an early birthday present for myself!
Now the atumn and winter markets may come~ I'm prepared :D

Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Raise your horns!

Autumn has come and it's market time at Ronneburg castle again! What a lovely weather it was! Met so many people I know and also our scald Halfdan whom I haven't seen for years~ lot's of nice talks, tasty food and mead. Could have only been top'd with a camp and a nice time at the bathing house in the evening. Sadly the boys canceled their camp there, so now viking for me this weekend :/

I also didn't manage to sell my buddy... I'll try it again next week XD
Oh, and I made some pagan clothing for my boss! :D

I had this beautiful very dark purple linen wich just screamed to be a dress for her! Including a offwhite linen underdress (the belt and stuff on the picture is mine).

Freitag, 27. September 2013

Pretty Finnish boys everywhere!

Went to see Finntroll with friends of mine~ with a tiny bit o warpaint :D
They started earlier then expected, so we sadly missed Skalmöld. Tyr was really cool! Didn't see them live before and my ex always said he wouldn't liek them so I only knew a few songs from them. But I really liked it!!! :D

Finntroll itself was so cool! They even got their troll-ears on! And Mikael's ears flap when he's headbanging.... whooo~ *_* lot's of troll-love! And to Mathias and Samuli I just can say: NOOOMNOMNOM! I want those for my birthday! Those two and Mathias and Jussi from Turisas XD ...

But I could really slap myself! I'm a bit sick and therefore wasn't as loud and crazy as I used to be on concerts... was standing somewhere in the middel watching the guys in the moshpit with a smile :) Mathias was at the merchandise both... and I...stupid thing... didn't take a pic with him x___x why!?! *headdesk*

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

No good story ever starts with drinking tea...

Heidenfest~ war ein Heidenspaß *50 cent in die schlechte Wortspielkasse*

At the weekend I went to the Heidenfest (Paganfest) with coworkers and friends. Mari's fiance and I got some warpaint on as tribute to Turisas and Ensiferum :)

As we arrived I heard someone call my name~ it was the pretty viking I dated at the Zombiewalk and his buddy :3  There also was a fellow Lolita wich recognized me from Dunkelsüß and some of our shop's customers. I was really happy that here where so much people I knew so I had people by my side nearly all the time Even met a lot of new people! Thanks to my viking I had way to much Rum but lot's of fun. Drove home with the vikings afterwards :D Was a really crazy and lovely weekend!
Let's see where all this leads~

Highlights of the Heidenfest: Equilibrium playing the Dragonborn tune, Ensiferum palying "Bamboleo" while wearing huuuge sombreros and of youse finally seeing Turisas live! Sadly I didn't catch one of them outside to "drink some tea" ^^;

And I bought this fucking awesome shirt from Turisas at the merch both *_*

Dienstag, 17. September 2013


...or behind the vending booth :D

This weekend we headed over to the Connichi in Kassel. We packed the cars on Thursday evening and drove over to my boss' place where we cooked a lovely dinner together and had a great evening. Early in the morning on Friday we drove to Kassel and built up our enormous merch stand. 
I love being behind the stand at conventions. You meet a lot of new people and even people you know. There are plenty opportunities to chat with them (if it's not too crowded) and it really is a lot of fun even if it's sometimes really stressfull. Most of the time when there's a convention I stay at home and run the store. So I just went to 3 Con's this year. I always went to the Connichi when I was into cosplaying a lot more myself so it was the first thing for me to say "Uuuh I want to come with you!" But I was so busy selling stuff that I didn't took even one round through the con. I just went away for a while on Saturday because I was needed at the catwalk for our Lolita Fashion show and at the Lolita panel we held...

But all in all I had a lot of fun there. It's always great on conventions with the party-Team! We spend the evenings together and go out for dinner wich I really enjoy.

On Sunday I decided on trolling everyone! With the help of Mari I painted myself all blue, put on some trollish ears and that amazing wig Nathalie made for me and transformed myself into a Finntroll - appreciation troll XD (well... yeah... WoW troll with Finntroll shirt! wayhey!) I tagged the pics to Mathias and Mikael on Instagramm   as well as to Sami on Facebook~ but didn't get any response from them :/

I didn't had the time to redress~ so I packed our stuff together, drove home, put everything back in the store and then drove home via train all on my own... still as troll. I think i got some fans now o.o One guy in the train was like: "Uhhh what are you?" Me: "I'm a Troll :D" He: "Cool! I never met a troll!"

Sonntag, 8. September 2013


Aaaand~ the 7th Zombiewalk   in Frankfurt is over!

It was a bit chaotic since there was a demonstration in the city and the police guided us along a really chaotic route. But I guess we all had fun as always :)
We provided free makeup at our store~ so I was zombiefying people the whole day wich was a bit exhausting but also really funny. Met lots of cool new people and even had a date with a lovely viking :)

Montag, 5. August 2013

\m/ Wackööööööööööön! \m/

Wow, just... wow! I always wanted to go to Wacken just for once... to experience the mud and the metalheads by myself as I've seen it in TV for so many years! This year I finally made it~ and what can I say? It was a BLAST!!! 

We had such lovely weather and thanks to a 20min thunderstorm I had my beloved mud pits and it was warm. Friday was by far the hottest day... so many topless men *_* I'm still dizzy of all those pretty long haired and bearded guys I've seen~!
When they started to throw themselfes in the mud pits my brain just went on holiday XD *hrrnom*
 One of our camp neighbours.... we called him Thor (nomnom) for a good reason! Everytime he was shirtless we girls sat in a row and wached him XD one morning I crawled out of my tent and he jsut passed by... shirtless... and smiled~ and I was like "Ohh~ hello GOOD MORNIIINNNNG" and he just :D

I was acompanied by my loveliest coworkers, their partners and friends (darauf nen Schnaps!) and I can't wait for next year. The tickets have been ordered and I hope my bestie Gianna  will join me this time. We also need a bigger flag for our camp!!! :D
AND I'll make a summoning ritual for Finntroll! It would be so awesome if they's play at Wacken next year!

Bands I've seen:
Mr Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Feuerschwanz, Anthrax, Trivium, Sabaton, Nightwish, Rammstein, MegaBosch, Corvus Corax, Svbway to Sally, Russkaja, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Alestorm (klick them! Every link leads to a fav song of mine ;) ).... and a few I just heard while hanging around.. didn't keep track :/


The place was stuffed while Rammstein played... 
we stood nearly at the Wackinger Village entry... o.o

Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Behind the scenes...

 Whohoo~ I spent the whole day in a small filmstudio today :)

Can't wait for the movie! It's just a short movie (about 6 minutes) but it will be packed with some special effects and it has a glorious freaky story :D  This is the second time i worked together with those filmstudends :) 

First time they shot a 18min documentary about  the  Frankfurt Zombiewalk  with me wich you can see here (only German language!)

Das Böse unter der Sonne from Alina Yklymova on Vimeo.

Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Pics for the wigs

Today was photo-shooting day at work :)
Now we finally have some cool pics from most of our wigs!

We had Denise from Puderblond  over as professional makeUp artist for  the day and she did some fancy makeup on us :D

Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

London - Sleep is for the weak

What a crazy weekend!!! That was one hell of a trip and it was sooo much fun!

The party bitches: Saskia, Scott and myself
Destination: London 

We took the plane from Frankfurt to London Gatwick at 8:45am on Friday. It was Saskias first flight and she was quite nervous and couldn't sleep well the night before. We placed her at the window side and she squeezed my hand to mush during the start. But as soon as we were up she relaxed a bit and looked out of the window all the time. Scott ordered some champagne and the stewardess said we all had to drink it and refilled without questioning. So we had to empty the whole bottle and needles to say it was a really fun flight!

The flight was short and we had a smooth landing at Gatwick airport. After figuring out which train we had to take we drove to Victoria Station and headed straight for a pub! I was really looking forward for a English breakfast (I soooooo love this) and Saskia asked what it contains and was all like "Uuughs" when I told her... but then she ordered one too and guess what? She loved it ;) 
She didn't manage to eat it all up though~ and when the waiter came he pointed at me and said "You did good" and then pointed on her and said "For you no pudding". 

Afterwards we grabbed some Frappés at Victoria Station and went walking to Buckingham Palace. We passed the Royal Mews on our way and I must say I really want to take a tour when I'm back! Whaaaa Horses OMGOMGOMG~ We also went into the Mews gift shop and Saskia bought an ubercute fluffy plush Corgi :3 She called him Baked Beans. 
After a short stroll we arrived at Buckingham Palace which was closed for a royal garden party~ lot's of important looking people! Men in pretty fancy uniforms and classy dressed women with fancy hats! Lovely but disappointing at the same time because we couldn't take fun pics with the guards :( We walked around a bit and a few people wanted to take pictures with us  ... they said we were far more interesting than the Buckingham Palace.
But it wasn't only there! People kept taking pics of and with us that day... confusing and interesting at the same time.

As we returned to Victoria Station I tumbled a bit and ripped my shoe open. Not just a whole, no, almost the entire sole came off! It might have also been a bad idea to wear rocking horse plateaus for two days of backpacking in the first place. But luckily Scott spotted a shoe repair booth and the lovely lady there fixed my shoe in a heartbeat! She pretty much saved my day/weekend! 

I wanted to take a look if Platform 9 3/4 really exists and so we took the tube to Kingscross Station and headed straight for platforms 9-1 and: there it was! 

We took the tube to Camden Town after that and~ WOW! I totally love it there!!! Lot's of crazy lovely people. Tons of awesome shops, pubs, diners, whatever~ lvluvluv! We met a crazy cool guy named Floops who talked us into buying one of his CD's. Not bad though!
We checked out all those lovely little shops and crushed at one pub at the Lock Market for a while. I thought all the time they have a drink called "Troll in the Yar" and found it ridiculous funny (needles to say I was the only one who found this funny...)
In the evening we went to Leicester Square for the amazing show with The Folly Mixtures and Rico aka the Zombieboy. Scott picked up his ticket at the theatre (we already got ours) and Saskia and me strolled around a bit and discovered the M&M store. A store with 4... I mean 4 fucking floors stuffed with M&M's and merchandise. What the hell? The whole store smelled like a giant chocolate drops and it was soooo~ colorful. So we went in and chatted with this charming employee named Chis. We had a lovely talk and he fetched us some color matching M&M's , Saskia got red ones and I got green ones :D
We said good bye and made our way back to the Leicester Square Theatre and got inside. We got to our seats in the front row and~ yeah. What should I say? The front row was very in front, very close (yass).

My friend was like: "OMGoooosh~ I'm scared! It's so close to the stage we surely have to participate."
And I was like: "Weeee~ it's so close we WILL participate!"

The show started with the lovely and amazing host Miss Laurie Hagen dressed up as Voodoo Queen. She like invaded the stage with a "Good evening bitches!" and we were instantly on fire! Sadly it was not allowed to take pictures but  here's a link to the official photo gallerie!
It was soooooooooo~ awesome!!!

The girls were so pretty, sexy and talented! Saskia and me have been screaming and cheering all the time! We had so much fun. And OMGods Zombieboy! He did all the freakshow stuff including the spoon! He played the funny brainless zombie, ate stuff like glass, candles and everything he got between his teeth and lay on a nail-bed while Laurie stood on him! They also made a strawberry shake with some extra earthworms in it. 
The lovely and pretty Molly Zombie was chosen to get on stage and she got Rico on a leash like a crazy pet zombie! ... he humped her leg... and bit into it... and she had to fed him some smelly fish which he spread all over the stage.
So after the show the girls came to us and said that we'd been awesome in the front row! 
Rico stood there by the stage taking pics with people. I was a bit shy at first but I overcame it and went to him. He recognized me from Munich (or at least did a good impression of it) and gave me another high five. We had a nice talk, he was so sweet, and I told him we'd come all the way mostly to see him and he was so lovely. He asked me for a pen and then started to draw hearts and flowers and stuff on my flyer along with an autograph.

So that evening alone was worth all the sleepless fun we had! 

Afterwards we went back to Camden Town and went straight for the Electric Ballroom with the intention to party all night. The club itself was a cool location! Really big with lots of stairs, a circular bar and some kind of balcony next to the second floor upstairs. The party people weren't any different from the ones in our clubs. We didn't talk to many people they rather stick together but that's ok. 

Sadly there haven't been much drinks to chose from on the bar. No cocktails and the "long drinks" have been unspectacular and expansive.
Also people tend to give me strange looks when I ordered Captain Morgan without coke or a double shot (which still was half a normal shot and triple the price as I'm used to) of liquor~ 
So if I really had wanted to get drunk... I'd have run out of money way before I actually did and the really worst thing was that the club closed about 3:30 am.
As soon as we got outside we got really tired and crept from one closing coffee shop to another until we reached an already opening McDonalds at 5am. Saskia and Scott took a little nap there while I was too awake to sleep and too sleepy to be really awake.

We waited in the McDonalds until the tube started to run again and then took off to see the London Eye. Since we got there so early in the morning there weren't any tourists and we had a nice view over the Thames :) The London Eye is really impressive when you stand right in front of it. We walked over to the Big Ben and also took a stroll to London Bridge :) Later we returned to Camden Town and had some lovely breakfast at The Diner . For me it was Blueberry Pancakes and a Peanut Butter Shake! Really really tasty but a sugar bomb combo!

We walked among the markets and made a break at our favourit pub there. 

I laughed again at the Troll in the Yar-drink when I discovered after a while that those decorative elements on the plate are not decorative at all... in fact they were letters... The drink was named "Stroll in the Yard"... *cough*
I wonder what they'd done if I'd ordered a Troll in the Yar XDDD

So late afternoon we took off to Heathrow. Since the Piccadilly Line was closed several stations (don't remember why) we had to make a huge detour with different trains and a bus. Was a bit annoying but we made it in time to our flight.

Oh hell we were sooo tired. Talking rubbish all the time and being dizzy laughing over everything. We got into the plane and to our seats and Scott said "Sit down...bitches" And Saskia and myself burst into laughter and all the people turned staring at us...

We had a smooth flight home and a packed train. As we arrived at Saskias home I all but collapsed on her sofa and fell asleep in seconds~ didn't even hear the thunderstorm or the chinchillas making noise all night. I was just dead.

So what else can I say? It was one hell of a trip and I wouldn't have missed it for anything! 
Can't wait til we return again! Watch out London~ the Party Bitches will come again! But this time we will hopefully have a place to crash for the night :)

PS: Trying the thing with the teaspoon is funnier than it seems ... XD

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Grimm and the frills

Like every year we went to the Brother Grimm Festival  in Hanau with our local Lolita Group, the girls and boys from the Candy Day Meetup  :)

The main play this year was the musical "Snowwhite and Rosered" and it was incredible as always. The actors are very skilled and some of them even well known (!) and it's always a good balance of fun for the kids and jokes for the adults. 

The actor who played the devil in last years musical "The shoes that were danced to pieces" was playing the king this time. As the actors gathered after the play to collect money for a children hospital we went to him and he recognized us from last year :D We had a really nice talk!

I decided to go a bit punky with the theme ;)