Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Raise your horns!

Autumn has come and it's market time at Ronneburg castle again! What a lovely weather it was! Met so many people I know and also our scald Halfdan whom I haven't seen for years~ lot's of nice talks, tasty food and mead. Could have only been top'd with a camp and a nice time at the bathing house in the evening. Sadly the boys canceled their camp there, so now viking for me this weekend :/

I also didn't manage to sell my buddy... I'll try it again next week XD
Oh, and I made some pagan clothing for my boss! :D

I had this beautiful very dark purple linen wich just screamed to be a dress for her! Including a offwhite linen underdress (the belt and stuff on the picture is mine).

Freitag, 27. September 2013

Pretty Finnish boys everywhere!

Went to see Finntroll with friends of mine~ with a tiny bit o warpaint :D
They started earlier then expected, so we sadly missed Skalmöld. Tyr was really cool! Didn't see them live before and my ex always said he wouldn't liek them so I only knew a few songs from them. But I really liked it!!! :D

Finntroll itself was so cool! They even got their troll-ears on! And Mikael's ears flap when he's headbanging.... whooo~ *_* lot's of troll-love! And to Mathias and Samuli I just can say: NOOOMNOMNOM! I want those for my birthday! Those two and Mathias and Jussi from Turisas XD ...

But I could really slap myself! I'm a bit sick and therefore wasn't as loud and crazy as I used to be on concerts... was standing somewhere in the middel watching the guys in the moshpit with a smile :) Mathias was at the merchandise both... and I...stupid thing... didn't take a pic with him x___x why!?! *headdesk*

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

No good story ever starts with drinking tea...

Heidenfest~ war ein Heidenspaß *50 cent in die schlechte Wortspielkasse*

At the weekend I went to the Heidenfest (Paganfest) with coworkers and friends. Mari's fiance and I got some warpaint on as tribute to Turisas and Ensiferum :)

As we arrived I heard someone call my name~ it was the pretty viking I dated at the Zombiewalk and his buddy :3  There also was a fellow Lolita wich recognized me from Dunkelsüß and some of our shop's customers. I was really happy that here where so much people I knew so I had people by my side nearly all the time Even met a lot of new people! Thanks to my viking I had way to much Rum but lot's of fun. Drove home with the vikings afterwards :D Was a really crazy and lovely weekend!
Let's see where all this leads~

Highlights of the Heidenfest: Equilibrium playing the Dragonborn tune, Ensiferum palying "Bamboleo" while wearing huuuge sombreros and of youse finally seeing Turisas live! Sadly I didn't catch one of them outside to "drink some tea" ^^;

And I bought this fucking awesome shirt from Turisas at the merch both *_*

Dienstag, 17. September 2013


...or behind the vending booth :D

This weekend we headed over to the Connichi in Kassel. We packed the cars on Thursday evening and drove over to my boss' place where we cooked a lovely dinner together and had a great evening. Early in the morning on Friday we drove to Kassel and built up our enormous merch stand. 
I love being behind the stand at conventions. You meet a lot of new people and even people you know. There are plenty opportunities to chat with them (if it's not too crowded) and it really is a lot of fun even if it's sometimes really stressfull. Most of the time when there's a convention I stay at home and run the store. So I just went to 3 Con's this year. I always went to the Connichi when I was into cosplaying a lot more myself so it was the first thing for me to say "Uuuh I want to come with you!" But I was so busy selling stuff that I didn't took even one round through the con. I just went away for a while on Saturday because I was needed at the catwalk for our Lolita Fashion show and at the Lolita panel we held...

But all in all I had a lot of fun there. It's always great on conventions with the party-Team! We spend the evenings together and go out for dinner wich I really enjoy.

On Sunday I decided on trolling everyone! With the help of Mari I painted myself all blue, put on some trollish ears and that amazing wig Nathalie made for me and transformed myself into a Finntroll - appreciation troll XD (well... yeah... WoW troll with Finntroll shirt! wayhey!) I tagged the pics to Mathias and Mikael on Instagramm   as well as to Sami on Facebook~ but didn't get any response from them :/

I didn't had the time to redress~ so I packed our stuff together, drove home, put everything back in the store and then drove home via train all on my own... still as troll. I think i got some fans now o.o One guy in the train was like: "Uhhh what are you?" Me: "I'm a Troll :D" He: "Cool! I never met a troll!"

Sonntag, 8. September 2013


Aaaand~ the 7th Zombiewalk   in Frankfurt is over!

It was a bit chaotic since there was a demonstration in the city and the police guided us along a really chaotic route. But I guess we all had fun as always :)
We provided free makeup at our store~ so I was zombiefying people the whole day wich was a bit exhausting but also really funny. Met lots of cool new people and even had a date with a lovely viking :)